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Has Acupuncture Finally Found Its Place In The Weight Loss Industry?

Let’s face it: Many folks will attempt practically whatever to lose weight. There are several strategies for losing weight, from traditional ones like restricting calories and increasing workouts to less traditional ones like cyrotherapy and hypnotherapy. Those interested in unconventional therapies often bring up another – weight loss using acupuncture.

Acupuncture enthusiasts and professionals assert that the treatment may assist with relieving stress, physical discomfort, infections, and even PMS, but can it help with weight loss as well? If you want to know if acupuncture can help you lose weight, keep reading.

Has Acupuncture Finally Found Its Place In The Weight Loss Industry

So, What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a historic form of Chinese medicine, although it might differ from what you initially imagined because it involves more power than pins. Qi, or life force, is said to make its way through the body’s system of channels when an individual is well, as per Chinese medicine. However, discomfort and ill health follow when these routes are obstructed.

Acupuncture involves inserting tiny pins into the particular blocked channels; this procedure removes obstructions and encourages a typical passage of energy around the body. With extremely thin pins, magnets, and electrification, contemporary therapists view acupuncture as relaxing or activating particular tendons, neurons, and soft tissues.

So, What Is Acupuncture

What Is the Weight-Loss Idea Underlying Acupuncture?

This is the assertion: Acupuncture promotes weight loss in various ways. Among the most crucial methods is to enhance your metabolic activity by regulating hormones, insulin, and digestive health.

According to the stance of Chinese Medicine, which is the foundation of acupuncture, your metabolic activity might become slow if your primary digestive organs aren’t operating at total capacity.

It requires significant energy for your body to burn fat, but this is a minor concern if your metabolic activity works correctly. However, if your energy level is low and your digestion is compromised, your body enters what I like to refer to as low-energy mode.

Consequently, losing weight is more complicated. Your body’s many systems may respond to the stimulation of particular trigger sites like tiny on-off buttons.

Supposedly, turning these on will enhance your energy flow and, as a result, your capacity to metabolize calories.

There are two significant ways that acupuncture helps people lose weight:

  • Body acupuncture places needles in specific locations on the arms, spine, and abdomen.
  • Ear acupuncture: the points implanted solely localized to the earlobes.

This surge may also aid with appetite suppression. When your activity levels are more steady, you should not be as famished because hunger is a symptom you’re short on.

But What Is The Consensus Of Science On Acupuncture’s Role In Weight Loss?

Other hypotheses put forth by scientists explain why acupuncture and weight loss are related –

An anti-inflammatory effect of acupuncture

In a brief 2015 research, acupuncture was given to 80 obese adults for between three and six months, along with a low-calorie meal. In addition to assisting patients in losing weight, the therapy also lessened the inflammation associated with obesity in research.

In a related study, 160 obese adults were split between two groups; one underwent real acupuncture, whereas the other received a mock procedure. Both teams consumed a diet containing few calories.

Eight and twelve weeks later, when their progression was evaluated, they found that even though both parties had lost some weight, only the ones who had gotten the real acupuncture had had changes in only specific inflammatory indicators.

Your appetite may be reduced with acupuncture

An acupuncture simulating tool was used for 2 weeks by virtually each of the 60 overweight volunteers in the research reported in Australian Physician. The positive control had no such results.

The report’s authors hypothesize that serotonin, a hormone that boosts mood and has been associated with suppressing hunger, may be released through specific trigger sites.

A more recent study trial indicated that just one week of acupuncture decreased the hunger hormone ghrelin levels. It was reported in BMJ Online Gastroenterology.

Additional studies are required to understand how acupuncture affects our hunger hormones because the research was modest and only involved 10 participants.

Your mood might be elevated with acupuncture

Several hypotheses illustrate how acupuncture affects hunger and weight hormones like cortisol and oxytocin.

Studies examining acupuncture’s capacity to lower cortisol levels are conflicted, even though evidence shows that elevated cortisol levels referred to as the stress hormone—are linked to obesity.

The possible impact on your endorphins is another factor. According to an explanation, acupuncture activates the neurological system to promote endorphin synthesis, which can aid in lowering hunger and elevating mood.

The technique may result in weight loss since it makes people happy and less likely to indulge in emotionally unhealthy food binge episodes.

Sleep can be improved with acupuncture

Acupuncture can enhance sleep in the same manner as it appears to alleviate anxiety and aid metabolism by disabling the body’s fight-or-flight reaction.

And getting enough good sleep is a documented factor in weight loss and maintenance. Lack of sleep may have an impact on how well your neurological conditions and how well you can make judgments.

Individuals who lack sleep tend to graze more frequently, concentrate less, and choose comfortable meals.

Your energy can increase with acupuncture

Acupuncture can help you sleep well, increase your stamina during the day, and give you more energy. According to certain studies, the treatment can considerably outperform a placebo in terms of assisting cancer patients in overcoming treatment-related weariness. Acupuncture-related stamina boosts, however, can complement food and workout habits that may result in weight loss in reasonably healthy people merely seeking to lose a few pounds. Sometimes we turn to sweets for instant energy, but acupuncture offers a calorie-free alternative. Additionally, she continues, treatment can boost your energy levels, giving you more than enough vigor to make it to the fitness center.

Some more acupuncture’s impact on weight loss –

  • Assists in hormone system regulation.
  • Boost the regular metabolic functions to aid in burning calories and avoid fat accumulation.
  • Enhancing the gastrointestinal overall system performance.
  • Help clear body impurities and receive healthy nourishment.

When receiving acupuncture therapy, a person can opt to shed weight in specific body parts or the entire body, which is yet another benefit. The doctor will provide a treatment strategy that will work effectively for each individual based on their specific requirements.

So, Does Acupuncture Actually Aid with Weight Loss?

Despite the scant study and contradictory data, the case is strong. That does not mean that acupuncture is a valid therapy for obesity.

The therapy only appears helpful when combined with tried-and-true conventional weight loss techniques, such as a good dietary regimen and workout. This is another important caveat.

Acupuncture is an excellent addition to a weight reduction program when performed accurately, as people have reported reduced hunger, increased happiness, and less anxiety. The only method of treating obesity, though, should not be acupuncture.

Theoretically, you may blame any weight loss on the placebo effect, but this does not necessarily indicate that medication isn’t worthwhile. Whether a placebo effect or otherwise, any beneficial outcome can be helpful.

How Long Does A Course Of Therapy Last?

The acupuncture treatment program is created based on each person’s situation, requirements, and professional training. As a result, the strategy differs from one individual to another depending on a number of variables like age, sex, present BMI, health issues, and illnesses.

Typically, people need between 10 and 20 acupuncture appointments to see results in fat loss. The length of a session is between 20 and 30 minutes. Clients can receive implantation acupuncture twice per month or traditional acupuncture 2-3 times per week.

Who Should Consider Acupuncture For Weight Loss?

  • Those who need more time for exercise or sport.
  • Those who desire to avoid other techniques (drugs, supplements) that frequently have adverse effects.
  • People with illnesses like thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia, glucose intolerance, hormone issues, etc., make it difficult to lose weight.
  • Those who desire to reduce their weight solely in specific body parts.
  • Women in their pre-postmenopausal or postpartum stages. A man of any age.
  • Those who desire to lose weight in a healthy and everlasting way.
Who Should Consider Acupuncture For Weight Loss

How Is Acupuncture Therapy Administered?

Before receiving therapy, individuals are recommended to eat. They shouldn’t receive treatment if they are starving or weary.

Acupuncture treatments are made to be as efficient, secure, and comfortable as possible for patients:

  • 1st Step: A doctor thoroughly examines and consults with the patient. Their health history, BMI, and other factors are considered for the doctor to advise on appropriate diet, lifestyle, and exercise.
  • 2nd Step: The doctor will diagnose the person and talk with them regarding the therapeutic process.
  • 3rd Step: 20 to 30 mins of acupuncture.
  • 4th Step: The person takes five mins to relax. The physician will then schedule the following therapy session and follow-up appointment.

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Are Necessary To Lose Weight?

If you need to know if one session will be sufficient to achieve noticeable weight reduction, wait. Consider this: Attending the gym just once would only provide effects.

The broad consensus among doctors is that individuals who want to lose between ten and fifteen pounds should undergo therapy for six to eight weeks, multiple times per week at first, and then reduce down sessions as days passes on, based on how the procedure is progressing.

Would The Benefits of Weight Loss with Acupuncture Need You To Combine It With A Healthy Diet And Exercise?

You won’t notice a change in your weight solely due to acupuncture. Even those who participated in the skimpy trials combined their acupuncture sessions with dietary and exercise modifications to lead healthier lives.

Fundamentally, acupuncture’s influence on overall weight loss objectives extends far beyond the course of therapy. If you commit to getting acupuncture, you could unconsciously eat lighter, sleep longer, or loosen up.

These behaviors would aid someone in losing weight, proving that acupuncture may not be the primary component in weight loss but rather serve a supporting function.

Therefore, even though it might not be the miracle cure you were hoping for, it is still a big bonus since you’re seeking additional methods to include weight-loss techniques into your regimen.

What To Consider Before Getting Acupuncture?

Before having acupuncture, you must visit a doctor when you are pregnant, have a blood disease, a weakened immune system, or have a defibrillator.

If performed by a qualified acupuncture specialist, acupuncture is said to have practically no damaging consequences. In every instance, clean, single-use needles are utilized.

Potential side effects include mild discomfort, lightheadedness, swelling, bruising, and localized infections.

Is Acupuncture a Viable Option For Weight Loss?

Acupuncture could be a component of a broader weight-loss plan if you’ve been attempting to shed pounds and don’t fear needles. Nevertheless, a lengthy and disheartening process might result from focusing solely on acupuncture.

Consider acupuncture sessions similar to private training sessions: you’ll get far better benefits if you make smart choices that help you lose weight in those other aspects of your life. In addition to acupuncture, you should exercise regularly, concentrate on a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and find a moment to relax every day.

A holistic awareness of how your thoughts, ideas, way of life, spirit, and diet affect your body is necessary for healthy, lasting weight loss and optimal energy metabolism.


You should anticipate acupuncture as something other than the miraculous solution, despite the research’s encouraging signs that it may assist with weight loss.

After your acupuncture sessions, you should focus on maintaining optimal health by following a balanced diet, practicing stress management strategies, and keeping a routine of physical activity if you want the most remarkable outcomes. Selecting a skilled and certified professional is crucial for safety and outstanding results.

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