how to drink kombucha for weight loss

How to Drink Kombucha for Weight loss (Guide) 2023

Every once in a while, there emerges a trend that takes the whole internet by storm. You see it everywhere from Instagram to Twitter. And eventually, its popularity seeps into daily life as everyone sings praises of the benefits and miracles of the thing in question. 

And this time, the star of all the attention is ‘Kombucha.’ This fermented sweet tea is taking the world of every health expert by storm as they go on and on about its miraculous benefits for weight loss. I believe Google has seen more searches for ”Kombucha weight loss” than anything else in the past months! 

But why is that? What is in this tea that’s worth its weight in gold, according to some effusive praisers? Why and how does it help with fat loss? And most importantly, what exactly is it?

Don’t worry because we’ll answer all of your questions in this article. So buckle up because we are taking a little trip down Kombucha town!

What is Kombucha?

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a four-ingredient drink. Made with green and/or black tea, with added yeast and bacteria to ferment it using the added sugar as energy. This process takes its fair share of time to properly ferment, a process which eventually uses up most of the sugar content in the tea, leaving it as healthy as they come! 

During the fermentation process, the added bacteria and yeast form a symbiotic culture known as SCOBY which is the reason behind the frothy texture at the top of the fermented tea. 

This process of making kombucha, though long and painstaking, makes it a very good choice for weight loss, as we’ll see next. 

Benefits of drinking Kombucha

Benefits of drinking Kombucha

Although it’s a 2000-year-old drink, Kombucha tea is still a new concept for most millennials which is why it’s important to talk about the potential health benefits of incorporating this miracle drink into your diet. 

Boosts Your Metabolism

The CGCG catechin found in most types of green tea, including Kombucha, is very helpful in boosting the metabolism and helping you burn more fat throughout the day.

Catechin is known to benefit a lot where the gut is concerned. It increases the energy levels too, an after-effect of a pumped-up metabolism. This, in turn makes Kombucha sweet tea a very good choice if you are looking to shed a few pounds. 

Improves your gut health

Improves your gut health

A healthy body starts with a healthy gut. That’s where all the processing of the food happens and this is exactly why you should never take your gut health lightly. A healthy dose of probiotics is necessary to keep your stomach happy. And that’s where Kombucha comes in.

The nature of its making gives Kombucha sweet tea a strong dose of probiotics. Since it’s fermented over a long period of time, Kombucha proves to be an excellent source of healthy gut bacteria for your gut. 

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation often goes unnoticed because people either don’t know how to read the signs or don’t take it seriously. Either way, they don’t take action when it’s required and the inflammation ultimately grows and leads to chronic diseases. 

Gastrointestinal inflammation is a real thing and can mess with the digestive process as well as become the reason for you gaining unnecessary weight. 

But Kombucha can help get rid of the inflammation inside your body. The p[resence of AGCG and polyphenols in this sweet tea help soothe the internal organs and reduce inflammation. It reduces the swelling around joints and on organs, which in turn, promotes overall health.

Prevents heart diseases

Since Kombucha is a form of green tea as well, the presence of powerful antioxidants and catechins helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Regularly drinking Kombucha, or any green tea for that matter helps lower your LDL levels and bring them down to normal. 

This, in turn, reduces the chances of a heart attack or a stroke, both of which occur when your arteries get clogged due to high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol often goes unchecked because its symptoms don’t manifest until it’s too late. This is why, it’s very important indeed to keep a watchful eye on your cholesterol levels and if they are rising, give Kombucha a try, along with maintaining a healthy diet.

Kombucha tea’s benefits don’t stop here. But we must turn our attention to the one most talked about perks of drinking KOmbucha. 

Does Kombucha help with weight loss?

Does Kombucha help with weight loss?

That’s what everyone is going crazy about, aren’t they? The supposedly miraculous ways Kombucha green tea can help with fat loss. And we know you are dying to know if there is any truth to these claims. 

Well, yes. There is! Kombucha sweet tea is truly very effective in weight loss. Because of its excellent probiotic and fiber content, it promotes a healthy digestive system, which is very important for your weight loss efforts. 

It’s especially helpful in getting rid of stubborn belly fat. Since it’s mostly made from green tea, it’s excellent in targeting abdominal fat if you drink it regularly. And, as we talked about earlier, Kombucha is a rich source of powerful antioxidants which are very helpful in keeping your body young and energetic. 

All in all, Kombucha for weight loss? An excellent choice, indeed!

Best Time to Drink Kombucha for Weight Loss

Kombucha is not that different from green tea if we are being honest. In essence, it’s the same thing. It’s just fermented to add more benefits to the mix. So the timing isn’t that complicated. You can really enjoy Kombucha any time you feel like it. 

But, there are certain times when its benefits are maximized.

If you want to drink Kombucha in the morning, try doing so a few minutes after waking up. Because of the positive effect, it has on the metabolic rate, drinking it first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism for the whole day. 

You can also drink Kombucha 20 minutes before breakfast. This will curb your appetite and prevent you from overeating, and it can also be had before lunch. Kombucha is known to aid in digestion so drinking it during lunch will help your gut digest the food better and faster. 

How to Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

How to Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

Now that we have looked at various ways Kombucha can help you in your weight loss journey, the question arises – how to add it to your diet? Which would be the best way to drink Kombucha tea for weight loss?

Let’s find out. 

Replace your morning coffee with Kombucha

There are a lot of ways you can drink Kombucha for fat loss but the first and the best is to replace your morning coffee with Kombucha sweet tea. Coffee doesn’t give any such health benefits as Kombucha dopes. In fact, it creates a dependency if you drink it too often. 

Kombucha on the other hand is brimming with antioxidants and health benefits. So the first order of the day is to begin your day with Kombucha instead of coffee. 

Scrap that alcohol!

Yes! We understand how much you want to pop that wine/beer bottle open after a tiring day at work. But hold on for a second. Not only does alcohol affect your liver and destroy it one sip at a time, but it’s also very harmful to you in other ways. 

Alcohol gives you that unattractive beer belly that can be very difficult to shed off, not to mention the mental inhibitions that come with its consumption. So swap your wine time with Kombucha and see the benefits for yourself. 

Drink it during your meals. 

Although we won’t advise you to drink it in heavy amounts in between meals, sipping Kombucha in between bites can help curb the appetite and satiate you faster. This keeps you from overconsumption of unnecessary calories. 

Bottom Line

Kombucha may have a host of benefits and may even help you shed those extra pounds, but it’s still not going to be enough on its own. So if you want to reap all the benefits of Kombucha sweet tea, you better follow it up with a good amount of exercise and an overall healthy diet. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories does a cup of Kombucha have?

A cup of Kombucha generally contains around 30 calories, which makes it the perfect beverage to enjoy while on your weight loss journey.

How much weight can you lose with Kombucha?

It depends on your overall diet and physical activity. But if you follow it up with a healthy routine, you can easily lose from 1 – 2 pounds per week by drinking 2-3 cups of Kombucha every day.

Does Kombucha burn belly fat?

Yes, Kombucha burns belly fat. Since it’s usually made by fermenting green or black tea, drinking Kombucha regularly amps up the metabolism which in turn helps burn the excess belly fat.

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