Turkesterone Review: A Powerful, Lean Muscle-Building Supplemen

Turkesterone Review: A Powerful, Lean Muscle-Building Supplement?

The world has witnessed a significant number of athletes, bodybuilders, and weightlifters using steroids for their muscle growth and toned physique over the years.

The primary reason for this usage is the worthwhile results it provides them with. If you challenge yourself with intense workouts every day, you do have a high chance of obtaining your toned build.

But there is no certainty, as the results largely depend on your body’s nature. Again, only a few people can remain consistent in their physical exercises since it turns out to be exhausting for the rest.

Muscle-building can be an arduous task to accomplish for starters. They require regular rigorous training along with dietary practices. While the results of those exercise programs sound exciting, the efforts may burden some people.

Thus, people seek the support of anabolic steroids that provide them with explosive energy and build their muscles rapidly. The steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone that are naturally present in your body to regulate muscle mass and strength.

They can be taken in different forms, such as supplements, injections, and creams. Though they offer impressive results, their consumption may produce some unfavorable side effects.

What if a product could deliver the same results without much harm to your body?

Turkesterone is a plant steroid compound that boosts the rate of anabolism by activating the estrogen receptor beta. It is a type of ecdysteroid that promote synthesis and reduce protein catabolism.

Though both Turkesterone and testosterone have a similar molecular structure, they enhance anabolism through different mechanisms.

Turkesterone Review: A Powerful, Lean Muscle-Building Supplement

Turkesterone Overview

Product NameTurkesterone
CategoryDietary supplement
Key IngredientAjuga turkestanica
Recommended DosageOne pill per day
Quantity60 capsules
Country of ManufactureUnited States of America
Quality standardsIt is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility while following the highest quality standards in the USA
Results expectedTwo to three weeks
Price structure$59.99
Money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
Customer support emailsupport@gorillamind.com
Official websitehttps://gorillamind.com/products/turkesterone

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a dietary supplement that promotes anabolism through the stimulation of estrogen receptor beta. It is an ecdysteroid that is drawn from a plant named Ajuga Turkestanica to enhance the synthesis of protein and promote muscle building.

Though it resembles the functions of testosterone, it contrasts with the steroid since it does not attach to androgen receptors like testosterone. 

The supplement is purported to improve muscle gain, accelerate recovery, and boost energy. Its steroidal properties help you achieve a lean muscular body by utilizing its performance-enhancing effects.

How Does Turkesterone Work?

Ecdysteroids are steroidal hormones found in plants and insects. Turkesterone is a kind of ecdysteroid present in plants. It binds to the estrogen receptor beta and enhances protein synthesis.

The phytoecdysteroid targets tissues in the skeletal muscle and helps your body gain muscle and improve strength. Turkesterone boosts anabolism by activating estrogen receptor beta.

Apart from helping to gain muscle, it also aids in muscle recovery, especially during intense training programs.

Turkesterone Ingredients

Turkesterone is a dietary supplement produced from a plant named Ajuga turkestanica. The plant is a key ingredient used in the preparation of Turkesterone.

Ajuga turkestanica

Ajuga turkestanica is an herbaceous plant that contains compounds like ecdysteroids, which boost protein synthesis and anabolic rate in the human body. The plant is native to the series of mountains in Central Asia.

It accelerates the synthesis of protein molecules, thereby increasing muscle mass, and the anabolic properties of the plant help in the recovery of muscle and tissue after rigorous workouts.

As per some research, it aids in maintaining muscle gain for a long time. Due to its medicinal properties, the plant can boost your immunity and improve your skin. Excess fat in the body can also be reduced by using this plant as a supplement.

Is Turkesterone Legit?

Turkesterone is a legit dietary supplement that is derived from a plant to enhance muscle gain and support weight loss. People may fear its legitimacy as there are many illegal steroids available in the market.

These synthetic steroids can affect your health if not consumed properly. The major side effects of taking these steroids are infertility, breast development, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and severe acne.

Besides that, regular consumption of these synthetic steroids may lead to heart attack, hypertension, fluid retention, or kidney problems.

But people, who are interested in bodybuilding and weightlifting, require such steroids to attain their desired lean muscular body. Turkesterone has come to their aid to resolve this issue through its anabolic properties.

It is a naturally occurring steroid that brings no harm to your body while building muscle. Since it is produced from an herbal plant, the supplement is safe and legit to use, along with the properties of enhancing anabolism.

Why Should You Choose Turkesterone?

The global market is filled with dietary supplements. The targets of the products differ from each other. Every product focuses on delivering its own purpose.

Hence, you have to be specific about what you expect from a product as a consumer. If you are someone wanting to build a lean muscular body within a short span of time, then Turkesterone will be the right choice for you.

This phytoecdysteroid activates estrogen receptor-beta and promotes protein synthesis.

The core ingredient of Turkesterone helps in muscle recovery after heavy weightlifting or tiring physical programs. The product fills you with abundant energy, which you can utilize for your workouts.

Therefore, we can clearly see that Turkesterone is a better alternative to anabolic steroids.

How to Use Turkesterone?

Turkesterone comes in easy-to-consume pill form. You can take one capsule every day or 250-500 gm as a starter. One bottle of the product will last you for a month.

But it is best to check the recommended dosage and servings on the product label before consuming it. In addition, take note of the allergen information to know if it’s suitable for you.

Turkesterone Cycle

It is recommended to take 250-500 gm of Turkesterone per day for eight to twelve weeks as a starter. This period is essential because it helps your body adapt to it.

In addition, it is advised to take Turkesterone with your breakfast to get notable results. After the first cycle, you can give yourself a two-week break before stepping into the next cycle.

In the next cycle, you can increase your dosage up to 1000 gm every day to obtain desired results.


Turkesterone is a natural steroid found in herbal plants that aid in muscle growth and recovery. But pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children under the age of 18 are not recommended to take this product.

Apart from them, if you are under any medication at present, you have to consult your doctor before consuming this supplement. In addition, it is advised not to take more than the recommended dosage to avoid any side effects.

What are the Health Benefits of Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is a phytoecdysteroid that helps you build muscle mass and retain muscle strength. This supplement provides more health benefits, which are detailed below:

Enhances muscle growth and strength

Turkesterone revitalizes estrogen receptor-beta, which promotes anabolism. It helps build muscle mass by accelerating muscle protein synthesis, which is an essential metabolic process for exercise recovery.

Its ability to achieve this boosting of protein synthesis comes from the optimization of the translation of mRNA to protein and enhancement of leucine uptake into the muscle cells.

By increasing muscle ATP content, the phytoecdysteroid can improve your muscular energy and healing during physical programs.

Increases energy and strength

Turkesterone boosts energy levels and stamina by elevating the level of ATP in the body. Generally, people lose energy while taking part in physical programs.

This is why they reach out for the help of supplements. Turkesterone provides you with increased energy and stamina, which will be beneficial to you during rigorous workouts.

You are able to actively perform in your exercise programs. Specifically, it helps to improve your athletic performance.

Improves muscle recovery

One of the significant problems during workouts is muscle damage. Since you perform intense workouts regularly, you commonly face this issue, which hinders your muscle-building process.

Turkesterone accelerates muscle recovery and improves the levels of glycogen in muscles. The supplement helps you remove lactic acid from your muscle at a rapid rate, which improves your performance.

Supports mental health

Turkesterone is an adaptogen that promotes your mental health by supporting the production of neurotransmitters. Mental health is crucial for bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Turkesterone prevents fatigue and improves your mood. Thus, you are able to engage in physical programs without experiencing burn-outs.

What do Users Say About Turkesterone?

Tyler feels great about returning to shape

I was in great shape till April of last year. But then, I somehow messed up with my diet and exercise plans. I lost my muscle and gained some pounds of weight. No matter how much I tried, I could not get back to my body in the past.

Every day I was frustrated with my lack of program. When I went for a walk in the nearby park, I met my old friend who suggested Turkestrone. I started taking it consistently from the next day.

Within weeks, I returned to shape. I feel so happy about the transformation. Everyone I meet now admires my body, thanks to the product.

Ryan is surprised about the results

I spend more hours in the gym. Despite that, I could not get that shape. I just increased the intensity of my workouts until I felt drained out. Then I saw an online ad for Turkesterone.

I decided to give it a try. So, in addition to my usual pre-workout, I took Turkesterone. I gained a lot of muscle. I felt like I was growing stronger and more toned each day.

I had more energy to do workouts once I started taking Turkesterone, and I also feel less stressed and happier about myself. It gave me amazing results. This dietary supplement is remarkable.

Daniel is glad about his weight gain

I was a tall, extremely thin man who struggled badly to gain weight. This year I was desperate to gain muscle. I tried eating foods that could boost my weight or muscle. Even workouts did not satisfy me.

My coach suggested Turkesterone one day, and I took it as instructed. I’m finally putting on muscle now that I’ve been taking Turkesterone. Stronger than before, and no more feeling tired and giving up. I’m satisfied so far.

Pros of Turkesterone

  • It helps build muscle without any synthetic steroids.
  • It enhances energy and exercise performance.
  • It promotes muscle recovery and sustains muscle mass.
  • It is easy to consume.
  • It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Cons of Turkesterone

  • Available for purchase exclusively on their official website.

Where Can You Purchase Turkesterone?

Turkestrone is a legal phytoecdysteroid that enhances muscle gain by promoting protein synthesis. It can be purchased exclusively on their official website. By purchasing from the official website, you can opt for a money-back guarantee.

Turkesterone Pricing

One bottle of Turkesterone contains 60 capsules, which will last for 30 days. You can purchase Turkesterone based on the recommended cycle. One bottle of the product is priced at $59.99. You may get the product at discounted prices for bulk purchases.

Money-back Guarantee

Turkesterone is an efficient dietary supplement that helps you build muscle and burn fat through the activation of estrogen receptor beta. The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for the product to ensure its efficiency.

If you are dissatisfied with this product, you can opt for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the supplement.

Is Turkesterone Worth It?

Several studies reveal that Turkesterone can be effective in building muscle and help in the speedy recovery of muscles. On a global scale, people consume synthetic steroids that promote muscle building in a short period of time by increasing testosterone levels.

But they also face side effects that potentially harm your body and affect its vitality.

Trurkesterone is a natural steroid alternative to those anabolic steroids. The phytoecdysteroid delivers the same benefits of building muscle and improving muscle recovery without any harm to your body.

The supplement can improve your athletic performance and enhance your energy levels. It is also legal to take this supplement as no there is no ban on the usage of this product. By considering all these aspects, we can agree that Turkesterone is a worthy purchase.


Is Turkesterone a steroid?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid that is derived from an herbaceous plant. Thus, it is a plant steroid that helps in building muscle rapidly. As it is an herbal steroid, it is different from synthetic steroids that harm your body. The supplement does not bind to androgen receptors. Thus, it will not cause any side effects that usually occur in people taking steroids.

Does Turkesterone require a PCT?

No, it does not require post-cycle therapy after consuming Turkesterone since it has no effect on your testosterone levels. Turkesterone promotes anabolism through the activation of estrogen receptor beta. Hence, it does not suppress testosterone, which leads to many side effects.

Can women take Turkesterone?

Women can take Turkesterone as there is currently no study recommending women not to take it. Athletic women can also consume it for desired results. Since it does not enhance the levels of androgens, women are safe to take this supplement.

Is it legal to take Turkesterone?

Usage of Turkesterone is not banned in any country. This supplement is completely legal to use. Moreover, it is not included in the list of banned items by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

How long does it take to show results?

The results vary from one individual to another based on their body’s nature. You are more likely to see results within two to three weeks of taking the product. If you take it regularly as per recommended cycle and dosage, you will be able to notice results within a month of consuming the supplement.

Is Turkesterone an adaptogen?

Yes, it is considered an adaptogen mainly due to its stress-fighting abilities. The plant compound is clinically proven to possess a large range of therapeutic uses, including the protection of your skeletal muscles and your heart. It improves endurance during physical programs.

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