Best 12 Fruits for Weight Loss That Help Cut Belly Fat

Best 12 Fruits for Weight Loss? That Help Cut Belly Fat

Naturally, fruits always count whether we follow a diet or weight reduction plan. Our perception of our ability to lose weight increases as our diet becomes more organic and unprocessed. While most of it is accurate, picking our fruits wisely is occasionally crucial. (Who, after all, would ever think that?) It seems contradictory, but some fruits can’t be consumed for weight loss.

We mention this because we know you work hard and have objectives for yourself. It would be best if you didn’t make poor choices or be misled by the seemingly healthy look of some fruits, which work exactly the opposite of what they claim to do—they prevent you from losing weight.

Due to their extreme sweetness or high-calorie content, several fruits are excluded from the list of fruits for weight reduction. Some examples are grapes, dried fruits (particularly plums and raisins), and—you’re going to detest this—mangoes, which are all of our favorites. Mangoes may contain unmarked calories that interfere with your efforts to lose weight.

But it’s also crucial to keep in mind that, despite some of these fruits being too sweet or having calories that aren’t readily apparent, they also have a variety of other health advantages. You might guiltlessly choose one of these fruits over any dessert when you have a sugar desire, but don’t include it in your weight reduction strategy.

The Top 12 Fruits for Weight Loss, And Why They Work

So which fruits are beneficial for losing weight? Keep reading to find out…


The avocado has the highest fat content yet is the fruit that burns the most fat. Avocados boost certain hormones that aid in weight loss and let the brain know when the stomach is full, lowering the hunger for unhealthy foods.

Avocados provide multiple health benefits besides weight loss. The body’s metabolism is accelerated by this fruit’s ability to speed up the pace at which fat is converted to energy. Additionally, it aids in lowering cholesterol and warding off heart disease.

They are rich in mono-saturated omega-9 fatty acids, which provide roughly 160 calories per 100 grams.

However, more than one-third of it should not be consumed at once. 



Unsurprisingly, lemon comes next on the list of fruits that can help you lose weight rapidly. We have known for millennia that it helps people lose weight. We’ve heard it from our mother and dietitians, and most of us have, at some point in our lives, either switched to lemon water as our only beverage or drank a cup of lemon-honey tea every morning. 

Lemons have a high amount of Vitamin C, a potent antioxidant, and pectin fiber. Its peel contains phenols, which are known to have fat-burning capabilities. According to another widely accepted theory, this expansion in your stomach keeps you fuller for longer.



One of the best fruits for losing weight is the coconut. Weight loss has numerous advantages and may significantly enhance athletic or exercise performance.

Coconuts are plenty for a balanced dinner, keeping you satisfied for longer and preventing cravings for junk food. Whether you take them in ripe, dry, or coconut water form, it also burns fat concurrently.

They lack carbohydrates and lessen cravings, thereby promoting weight loss.



Blueberries are the finest fruit for weight reduction, while other berries are healthy for the body.

Due to their low glycaemic index, blueberries will satisfy your sweet appetite without causing your body to absorb more sugar. This fruit lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Furthermore, due to their anti-inflammatory properties, the nutrients in them contribute to an increase in the body’s metabolism, which increases the efficiency of calorie burning.

High concentrations of antioxidants, manganese, and vitamins C and K give blueberries their ability to combat fat. A cup and a half of blueberries have 30 calories.



Oranges’ high nutritional value, low-calorie count, and natural sugar provide a guilt-free means of satisfying your sweet desire.

Make sure to nibble on whole or chopped-up oranges rather than orange juice if you’re trying to lose weight.

Due to their high dietary fiber content, oranges aid with weight management. Your appetite can be controlled by fiber. After eating, you will feel satisfied for extended periods since it swells with water and holds food in your stomach for longer.



Some fitness professionals claim that consuming grapefruit regularly can accelerate weight reduction without requiring significant dietary adjustments. This fruit is a superfood for weight loss because it contains enzymes that break down fat. Additionally, this fruit contributes to increased calorie burn because it requires more energy to digest.

In addition to keeping us hydrated and satisfied, grapefruits’ high water content aids in internal system cleansing.

It may readily assist us in burning belly fat, lowering waist circumference, and controlling blood pressure levels because it is high in vitamins A and C, low on the glycaemic index, and high in fiber compared to other citrus fruits.



Because of its high water and dietary fiber content, watermelon is the ideal summertime fruit for weight reduction. On a diet for weight reduction, nutritionists frequently recommend watermelon. Watermelon has vital minerals and vitamins, such as Vitamins C and A, and is 92% water.

Everyone has heard that cutting calories while increasing calories burned is the best approach to decreasing body fat.

Changing to low-calorie foods like watermelon is the best strategy to lower consumption. The natural sugar found in watermelons aids in reducing the desire for savory foods or sweets.

Due to its high-water content, which keeps the body hydrated—especially in the summer—also it’s a fantastic substitute for soda drinks. Diet foods are typically not the most enjoyable to consume, but watermelons are an exception because they are tasty.

Watermelon has only 40 calories and zero fat per serving, so you can eat as much as you want without worrying about packing some extra weight.



The papain enzyme found in papayas aids in boosting metabolism and preventing fat storage. Papaya is, therefore, an excellent fruit for losing weight.

In addition to its ability to speed up metabolism, it also aids in lowering bloating and constipation.

High levels of vitamin C, antioxidants, and flavonoids may be found in papaya. Approximately 275 grams of medium-sized papaya include 119 calories, 1.3 grams of protein, and 30 grams of carbs.

You may make a smoothie out of papayas or consume them as a salad.



Kiwi has 2.1 grams of fiber in it. Instead of your filling meal in the morning, have three medium-sized sliced kiwis. Kiwis have virtually a complete amino acid profile, which can help you feel focused and clear-headed.
Due to its high fiber content, you won’t feel hungry. It has a high amount of vitamins C and K as well.
It also has a low energy density and calorie content.
Even though kiwi fruit doesn’t actually burn fat, its high fiber content fills you up and decreases your appetite, which may make it easier for you to lose weight.



The fact that your all-time favorite lychee reached the list will make you delighted. You might be shocked to learn that, even though litchi has a bad reputation for being too sweet, it actually helps individuals lose weight. The fiber and roughage they contain are the primary cause. Food that combines both is necessary for weight loss to eliminate toxins. Additionally, the fruit has a relatively low-calorie content while being tasty.

Lychees contain significant amounts of antioxidants, including those known to facilitate the body’s oxidation of fat.



For centuries, people have utilized pomegranates to enhance their health.

Like apples, pomegranates help you lose weight significantly when consumed daily, followed by an intense workout or yoga session. Pomegranates provide your body with the energy it needs for any physical activity.

You can avoid gaining weight by eating pomegranates every day. Filling your stomach lessens your desire to eat unhealthy foods, helping you lose weight. Additionally, they efficiently break down cholesterol.

Pomegranates might be pretty effective in reducing obesity.



Apples make a fantastic snack since they are full of fiber and low on calories. Apples also assist with satiety and prevent us from overindulging in calorie-dense meals.

It aids in maintaining the body’s energy levels. Additionally, it aids in preserving cholesterol levels.

It is abundant in minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins B and C. 


How many servings of fruit should you have daily?

Knowing which fruits aid in weight reduction answers another crucial question: how much fruit should one eat each day to aid in weight loss?

When eating fruits, you should watch your portion sizes because they might add up if you attempt to lose weight.

The optimum serving size would be one portable fruit, such as an orange, one-third avocado, a few slices of apple, or a cup of berries.

Fruits to stay away from for weight loss

When consuming fruits, like any other meal, it is essential to exercise portion control. Therefore, if you’re attempting to lose weight, it is not advised to avoid specific fruits but rather from careful about fruit preparations.

Since we can’t generally target the specific fat we wish to shed, I also won’t argue that fruits can burn belly fat. 

Fruit or fruit juice – which is better for weight loss?

The first thing to avoid while attempting to reduce weight is fruit drinks. The majority of fruit juices seen in marketplaces have extra sugar. Then I’ll have 100% fresh fruit juice, you may respond. Since you are ingesting too much fruit in a single glass, it is another false assumption. More sugar and calories follow from this.

Fruit juice also doesn’t need to be chewed and contains little to no fiber. Thus, in only a few minutes or even seconds, you wind up eating three or more servings of fruit without feeling as satisfied as you would after eating the whole fruit.

In short, always pick fruits over fruit juices when aiming to lose weight.

Things to keep in mind while buying fruits

Avoid buying fruits in cans, which are high in calorie density and include sugar syrups. The healthiest and most significant fruits to consume for losing weight are naturally occurring; therefore, buying fresh fruits from markets is always a brilliant idea.


Though from the list mentioned above, we discover a list of fruits that aid in fat burning. Some fruits, however, also have the opposite effect on our bodies, like mangoes, figs, etc. To be healthy, one must offer an appropriate balance to all accessible natural products; yet, eating simple fruits are helpful for weight loss. However, if the fruits that are the worst for weight loss are not identified, a large intake may ultimately halt the process of losing weight and lead to weight gain.

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