Is EFT Tapping Effective for Weight Loss

Is EFT Tapping Effective for Weight Loss?

Losing weight requires a balanced diet routine and regular physical activity. But two of the primary problems associated with maintaining consistency in losing weight are compulsive eating and mental fatigue. People stress out on a daily basis from various factors like work, career, relationships, family, and much more. As a result, they obtain unhealthy eating habits, such as emotional eating, binge eating, and so on. In addition, their stress levels drain their energy and make their weight loss process hard.

Recently, there has been a rise in scientific studies about the effects of EFT tapping on weight loss. EFT tapping is found to have its origin in a traditional Chinese healing practice. It helps to harness energy and aid in losing weight. This technique involves tapping on your body’s meridian points to regulate energy flow. We shall delve into the attributes of this practice.

Is EFT Tapping Effective for Weight Loss

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT tapping is a stress relief technique that helps to relieve stress and prevent weight gain. The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) combines the philosophy of acupressure and psychology. This tapping technique is used to treat symptoms of a variety of mental and physical health disorders.

EFT tapping focuses on nine acupressure points to stimulate energy pathways. It works in a similar way as acupressure, where meridian points are pressed to regulate your body’s channels of energy and alleviate mental conditions. Apart from that, EFT tapping incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy and exposure therapy principles.

The technique entails tapping on meridians, which are the channels in the body through which our life energy flows. Gary Craig developed this method in 1995 to help alleviate physical and emotional pain in people. When your stress and energy levels are balanced, you can lose weight naturally and effectively.

How Does EFT Tapping Work?

EFT works by tapping specific meridian points in your body to balance your body’s natural energy flow. Each of these meridian points is connected to the energy channels of specific organs. When you tap on these points, they work in symbiosis to lose weight. Three major meridian points that are linked with digestion are the thumb point, ear point, and inner elbow point. By tapping on these points, you are able to stimulate your metabolism, lower your appetite, and boost intestine function.

The practitioners of EFT tapping claim that both physical and emotional pain is caused due to an imbalance in your body’s flow of energy. By restoring your energy balance, they allege that your painful symptoms will be relieved. When you release the block in your body’s subtle energy system, your physical and emotional distress gets alleviated. EFT tapping lowers the level of stress-causing cortisol hormone. It uses fingertip tapping to create pressure on the specific meridian points. This process is helpful in restoring energy balance and supporting weight loss.

How to Use EFT Tapping?

You can try EFT tapping by following these five steps. By repeating the sequence, you can address the imbalance of energy and regulate the flow.

Locate A Peaceful Spot

Before starting with the EFT tapping, find a peaceful location where there are no distractions. Your focus has to stay on the meridian points of your body to reap the benefits. You have to spend some time in this process to let yourself recognize the negative emotions that surround your mind. In this way, your body can easily obtain the benefits of EFT tapping.

Identify The Focal Points

You have to identify the focal points that cause disruptions in your energy. EFT tapping is purported to work well by starting with one problem area and then extending to other areas. It would be best if you established a baseline for intensity. The scale of intensity ranges from zero to ten, with ten representing the most difficult. You can test the intensity level of emotional or physical pain you experience from your problem area. This helps you to assess your progress from the technique.

Select A Setup Statement

Preparing your mind is important for the effectiveness of the technique. Thus, you have to choose an affirmative statement that addresses your concern. Besides that, you need to have acceptance toward yourself. Also, when you are specific about your concerns and adopt a positive approach, it helps to get rid of the negative emotions surrounding you.

The sequence of EFT Tapping

EFT is performed by tapping on the endpoints of nine meridian points in a methodical pattern. The nine meridian points of EFT tapping are located in the areas, such as karate chop, top of the head, eyebrow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, chin, collarbone beginning, and under the arm.

You have to start with the karate chop point along with reciting the affirmative phrases. Then, you can focus on individuals tapping the focal points. When you repeat the sequence, the restoration of your energy balance starts and benefits your health.

In the end, you can test the final intensity to compare the progress.

Does EFT Tapping Work for Weight Loss?

EFT focuses on the nine meridian points in your body, including the small intestine meridian, governing vessel, bladder meridian, gallbladder meridian, stomach meridian, central vessel, and kidney meridian. It helps to lower the level of the cortisol hormone, which causes stress. This is crucial for weight loss because stress is linked to weight gain.

When you are stressed out, you are more likely to consume more calories. Emotional eating, especially, hinders weight loss, as you eat out of emotional distress. There are studies that demonstrate the relationship between cortisol and obesity. As it helps to regulate your energy flow, you can utilize the energy by involving in physical programs, which indirectly supports weight loss. As per a clinical review, cognitive behavioral therapy is effective in losing weight. Thus, EFT tapping helps with effective weight loss.

Health Benefits of EFT Tapping

EFT tapping provides you with various health benefits. We shall delve into two main benefits of this technique.

Controls Your Cravings

EFT tapping helps to regulate signals to your brain. This results in lowering your cravings. The technique prevents you from overeating while regulating your food intake. It supports your weight loss. Studies reveal the effectiveness of this tapping in losing weight.

Support Mental Health

EFT tapping relieves symptoms of emotional pain. Your focus improves using this method by reducing performance anxiety. As it regulates the balance in energy flow, it is used in the treatment of PTSD and trauma in a medical setting. EFT is found to neutralize the amygdala, which plays a significant role in emotional processes. It may also be used to overcome some phobias. This tapping enhances your sleep.

Final Thoughts

EFT tapping is used in the treatment of many mental health conditions. It is found to lower cravings and curb emotional eating habits. Since it alleviates stress, it promotes your mental health. Besides that, the highlight of this technique is that it is easy to follow and requires less time.

It is an alternative medicine therapy that is found to be beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. If you are under any medical condition, it is best to get EFT done by your medical practitioner. EFT is a safe method to lose weight and increase your energy levels.


Where should you tap into to lose weight?

When you tap in the nine meridian points, you are able to lose weight. The focal points are karate chop, under the eye, under the nose, chin, under the arm, eyebrow, sides of the eyes, top of the head, and collarbone beginning.

How long does it take for tapping to work?

If you have problems with low intensity, it may take four to five sequences to work. In people with chronic issues, it may take 10 to 12 sequences. You have to be consistent to obtain the desired weight loss results.

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