Is Losing 10 pounds noticeable

Is losing 10 Pounds Noticeable (Guide) 2023

When you embark on your weight loss journey, your first instinct after every workout is to stand in front of the mirror, poking whether you have lost any weight yet. 

But in most cases, you are left disappointed. The fact of the matter is those first few pounds we lose in the beginning often go unnoticed. Sure, you begin to feel an internal difference, like feeling happier and more energetic. But on the outside, you aren’t able to notice any significant changes, and often it can be a bit discouraging. 

So, you wait for that 10-pound mark eagerly. After all, losing that much fat must amount to something, right? Well, let’s read on to find out if losing 10 pounds is noticeable or not. 

Will it be noticeable?

Is Losing 10 pounds noticeable

The answer is YES! Absolutely. Losing a whopping 10 lbs of fat is an achievement in itself. But seeing that stomach just a little bit tucked in, and those arms a little less jiggly provides a whole another level of relief. 

But the changes differ with gender. While men tend to begin losing weight in their midriff, women lose weight all over their bodies. It’s also possible that, as a woman, you might start seeing changes everywhere except your hips and thighs. 

Don’t be alarmed by this. Women have more subcutaneous fat because it’s responsible for maintaining their curves. So, they tend to lose weight in their butt a little later in their weight loss journey. 

Still, many changes occur in your body once you cross that 10-pound mark, and those changes are, more or less, gender-neutral. And we’ll take a look at all of them now. `

How long does it take to lose 10 pounds?

Although there are countless diets out there, from a water diet to an all-banana diet, that promise you drastic weight loss, they are not sustainable. Because how long are you going to just drink water or eat only bananas? 

This is why most of the weight you lose during such fads is water weight. There is no actual weight loss happening at all. 

But aiming at losing o1-2 pounds per week is healthy. This way, you give your body enough time to adjust to the changes during weight loss without putting it through too much stress. 

So, on average, you should be able to lose 10 pounds in around 1.5 to 2 months. 

What changes can you expect?

Your habits govern your body. A sedentary lifestyle is a habit. So is an active one. So when you begin making the shift from a lazy schedule to staying active throughout the day, it resists. As a result, your metabolism and hormones begin fluctuating like crazy simply because this new lifestyle that you have adopted is out of place for your internal system.

This is why it’s difficult to point out the changes in your body during the first few weeks of your new journey. But as you settle down into your fitness routine and begin to lose about 8-10 pounds, you start to see your body shrinking. 

But that’s not all. Losing weight affects more than just your physique, as we’ll see soon enough. 

Helathier Cholestrol Levels

With weight gain arrive a host of other problems as well. And one of the most deadly of them is an increase in your bad cholesterol levels. Your LDL levels begin rising, especially if the weight gain is due to bad dietary habits. It also puts you to risk of severe heart conditions like a stroke and a heart attack. 

But when you lose around 5 – 10 pounds of fat, your cholesterol levels begin declining. You feel much more energetic and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. 

Make sure you exercise every single day and eat right without getting sucked into any fad diets, and you will see a gradual decrease in your LDL levels, promoting a healthier heart. 

Drop a Dress Size!

You’d be lying if one of the main reasons you embarked on your weight loss journey wasn’t to fit in those old jeans or that size four dress! And why not? Looking your best is one of the perks of weight loss, after all!

And you can rejoice now that you have dropped 10 pounds because that means you can begin wearing dresses a size smaller than before. Yes, that’s right. We drop a size in around 10-15 pounds, so you can now whip out the old clothes that you were too chubby to fit into earlier because it’s your time to shine now. 

Increased Cardiovascular Strength

Remember how you used to huff and puff after walking a single flight of stairs? Well, say bye-bye to those days now. 

When you carry around a lot of extra fat over your organs, your heart has to work twice as hard to pump the blood. This makes you tired and leaves you out of breath while doing any cardiovascular exercise.

But your heart health improves as you work out regularly and eat healthily. It pumps blood faster and more efficiently. This is why walking up and down a flight (or two!) of stairs doesn’t make you dizzy anymore. 

Begin losing face fat

If there is one thing that we can all agree on, it’s that face fat is the most unattractive thing ever! It makes you look bloated, unmotivated, and tired all the time. Not to mention that if you have begun gaining weight on your face as well, you can rest assured your liver is getting fatty, which is never good news. 

And the good news is when you drop around 10 pounds, your face starts getting lighter as well. You lose the excess fat on your cheeks, jawline, and even your nose. Yes! You’ll be surprised to know what a 10 pound fat loss face can look like! And how much your nose can alter after losing a significant amount of weight. 

Increased self-esteem.

Now, that’s obvious, isn’t it? When you lose this much weight, you feel a new-found love and respect for your body. You feel more accomplished and confident in your skin. 

This mental shift also happens because of the chemical changes inside your body. When you work out, your body releases endorphins, your body’s happy hormones. They elevate your mood and keep your emotions balanced. 

To Conclude

We are sure you didn’t know that by incorporating a bit of exercise and mindful eating in your life, you would notice these many positive changes in your body. But that’s what happens when you treat your body with love and respect. So keep moving forward in your journey, and you’ll find many such pleasant surprises awaiting you as you reach your goal.

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