Running 3 Miles a Day

Running 3 Miles a Day ( Benefits & Guide) 2023

Your body was made to be kept moving. The more you move, the more efficiently it functions. Regular movement keeps your joints healthy, your heart young, and your skin glowing. And yes, despite all these excellent benefits, people today are getting sicker and sicker.

You can blame it on an over-dependency on technology or food choices, no matter what it is, the root of the problem lies with a lack of movement. And a machine, if not oiled and worked properly, loses its use and becomes redundant. 

Is that what you want? Losing the use of your limbs, the bone density gone to shreds, and your cholesterol bursting off the charts and driving you close to a heart attack that you may or may not survive? We are sure you wouldn’t want that. And that is why, the objective of this article today is to talk about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, the benefits that you can derive from walking 3 miles a day, and tips on helping you achieve this goal. 

Benefits of Walking 3 Miles A Day

Benefits of Walking 3 Miles A Day

Before we give you some pointers on how to complete the goal of walking 3 miles every day, let’s talk about the benefits of adopting such a lifestyle to better motivate you to try it out. 

Reduces your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Since your heart is the organ that pumps blood 24/7 to provide your body with the nutrition and vital force it needs to stay alive, it’s your duty to keep it healthy at all costs. And walking can help you achieve just that. 

Walking 3 miles a day is a great cardiovascular exercise, which means it helps strengthen the walls of the heart, making them much stronger and adept at handling the stress that comes with the modern lifestyle. 

Improves your endurance.

Benefits of Walking 3 Miles A Day

It’s no secret that most people nowadays are getting unhealthier by the minute. It’s almost as if they are determined to bring their fitness levels down as much as possible. This is also the reason why they are quite unable to perform even the necessary livelihood activities without huffing and puffing. 

So for them, walking 3 miles per day is a great starting point. It helps build your endurance and prepare you for advanced workouts which you must also get in the habit of doing regularly if you want to increase your fitness levels and keep your body young and healthy. 

Walking 3 miles a day strengthens your muscles.  

Muscles aren’t only mad in the gym. Sure, the really defined, puffed-up look can only be achieved by lifting heavy weights regularly but you cannot start off by doing that, can you? 

To be able to lift those weights, you need a fair bit of stamina and strength in your muscles, which walking 3 miles every day can easily provide. Over the long term, such a walking routine can help strengthen your muscles and provide them the resilience they need in order to avoid injuries, both in and outside the gym.

It can ease muscular and joint pains.

Walking 3 miles a day

Contrary to the common belief, rest is not the best cure for body pains. Most joint and muscular pains can be avoided and even cured by incorporating regular movement into your daily routine because it’s the lack of enough movement that becomes the cause of the pain in the first place.

As touched on earlier, if you don’t move your joints and muscles, their strength diminishes, making you prone to all sorts of severe pains. In serious cases, it leads to a decline in bone density which in turn causes arthritis to take hold of your bones. 

So, walking 3 miles per day is a great way to get permanent relief from all the annoying pains that plague a sedentary body and improve the quality of your life. 

Walking 3 miles a day can help you lose weight.

Now, we arrive at the elephant in the room. No, we don’t mean you! But the fact remains that people today are the physical manifestations of the word ”obese.” It has become the norm now. Some have even begun taking pride in the label. Talk about delusion, huh?

Still, for those who are self-aware enough to want to shed off all the unhealthy weight piling on their body, walking 3 miles a day, might be the answer you are looking for! It’s not too difficult to make you want to quit, and neither is it too easy to not produce results.

In short, walking 3 miles a day is the perfect low-key movement choice if you want to shed off all the extra weight and keep your body happy and thriving. 

And now that we have your full attention, let’s talk a bit about the time taken to complete walking 3 miles a day.

How long does it take to walk 3 miles a day?

Benefits of Walking 3 Miles A Day

If we are completely honest, you shouldn’t be worried about the time taken at all, because the health benefits far outweigh any qualms you might have about the duration of walking the required distance.

Still, most of us have a busy routine and we want the maximum amount of benefits in the least possible time period, don’t we? This is why we are happy to let you know that walking 3 miles a day won’t take up more than 1 hour of your time every day, which is quite low to what you might expect to spend in a gym. 

So, you get a host of benefits from the exercise with only an investment of 1 hour out of the available 24! Which is another reason why every health expert, even the ones who are regular with advanced forms of exercise, swears by incorporating walking at least 3 miles a day into their daily routine. 

Keeping A Proper Walking Form

Benefits of Walking 3 Miles A Day

Walking three miles a day is very miraculous, over time, if you keep the habit up, but only if you accompany it with a good posture and proper form. Many people overlook the importance of maintaining a good posture while walking which greatly diminishes the number of benefits that could otherwise have been easily achieved. 

So, let’s take a look at how to hold your body properly for maximum results. 

Spine and Arms

Given the nature of work nowadays, most of us develop a bad posture because of all the slouching and sitting involved. And it’s a habit that can easily find its way into walking as well. This is why you must always keep your spine straight, chin straight, and your arms swinging by your side. But make sure never to cross your arms past the midline of your body.

Keep the stomach tucked in.

This one is very important. Because a lot of the spine form depends on the way you engage your abdominal muscles while walking. So to reap ab-benefits as well, you must always make sure to keep your tummy tucked in, especially the lower abdominal. Don’t let it hang loose, because that not only ruins the form but also decreases your chances of losing the fat on your stomach by walking. 

To Conclude.

Walking 3 miles a day really does come with a myriad of health benefits as we just saw. You can also make it as challenging as you like, increasing the pace, and distance, and even going uphill for even more of a caloric burn. And if you follow these tips as religiously as you can, you can be sure to see a massive improvement in not just your weight and overall health but other areas of your life as well.  


But before we finish off, let’s also take a look at the frequently asked questions regarding the routine. 

How many steps cover the 3-mile distance?

It depends on the speed you go at but on average, it takes around 5850 steps (approx.) to complete walking the 3-mile mark. 

How many calories does walking 3 miles a day burn?

The number of calories burnt is calculated on your weight and the intensity with which you walk. Still, an average person burns around 100 calories per mile. So you can easily expect to burn approximately 300 calories per day. 

Is walking 3 miles a day enough to lose weight?

Yes, walking 3 miles a day is enough to lose weight. It may not seem much in the beginning, but the caloric burn will pile up over time, giving you an immense metabolism boost and helping you shed off all the extra fat. 

How many pounds can I lose by walking 3 miles a day?

Walking three miles a day burns approximately 300 calories. And since one pound of fat equals up to 3500 calories, you can easily expect to lose one pound in about 12 days of following this walking routine.

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